Get the Domain Name You Want for Your Law Domain Portfolio

Just because the name you want is unavailable, doesn't mean it's not for sale.

Domain Acquisition Services for You

Have you ever found a domain name you require for the mission of your practice, but someone beat you to it? We can help you get it.

Domain Acquisition Services for Your Clients

Does your client need to acquire a highly desirable domain name without tipping anyone off? We provide full anonymity.

Join.Law Domain Acquisition Service

199.00 USD + commission

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  • Find your domain

    We specialize in high-profile aftermarket domain names using effective negotiation and completion in every situation.

  • Enter your budget

    We'll work to get you the best price for what the domain name is worth, all while communicating with you throughout the process.

  • Let us get to work

    We reach out to the domain owner using various methods. Should we fail to engage the owner, we will contact you to reassess the situation.

Anonymous Domain Name Acquisition Benefits for Lawyers

  • Discretion
    Your identity remains private indefinitely.

  • Reputation
    Use the Join.Law reputation, network, and reach to engage owners.

  • Experience
    Leverage our team's experience in successfully negotiating domain sales.

  • Valuation
    We provide professional assessment on pricing and strategy.

  • Escrow
    We partner with leading escrow services to ensure simple & secure transactions.