Brand Monitoring—Monitor Your Digital Assets Anywhere on the Internet

Join.Law Brand Monitoring Services act as your eyes and ears so you can focus on your practice.

Monitoring Services for You

Our monitoring services alert you of potential infringement before it can cause irreversible damage to your law firm's reputation.

Monitoring Services for Your Clients

Help your clients protect their most important digital assets—their brand—from falling into the hands of cybersquatters and counterfeiters.

Our suite of Brand Monitoring Services covers the needs of law firms and clients everywhere

  • Global Domain Name Watch w/Homographs

    1,099.00 USD year
    • Most Popular.
    • Combats common cybersquatting techniques.
    • Identifies domain names with misspellings, various combinations of your brand name, and foreign characters.
    • Weekly reports of infringing domain names.
  • Social Media Monitoring

    1,349.00 USD year
    • Covers the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    • You will receive a baseline report and notification for trademark violations, with weekly reports and your own portal.
  • Web Content Watch

    2,999.00 USD year
    • Searches for your brand name occurring in the metatags and content on over one billion websites.
    • You will receive weekly reports and your own portal.
  • Marketplace Watch

    3,499.00 USD year
    • Covers the following platforms: eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Taobao, Trademe.
    • Other sites like Etsy can be added for an additional fee.
    • Monitor online auctions with daily reports and your own portal.
  • Image Recognition Filter

    3,999.00 USD year
    • Scans the Internet for your logo and image use.
    • You will receive constant monitoring and reporting with your own portal.
  • App Monitoring

    1,399.00 USD year
    • Covers iTunes App Store, GooglePlay, Amazon App Store, and Windows App Store.
    • You will receive weekly reports if your mark is included in a newly-launched app name or description.

Control how and where your law firm's brand name is being used online

  • Full coverage and reliability for your law firm's digital assets.

  • Control your brand reputation across social media.

  • Combat infringement, cybersquatting, and counterfeiting.

  • Protect your name from being the target of your competitors.